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After looking through all the Swingers Ads | Swinger Wives on this UK site I have made some awesome friends, I say friends they are more like sex buddies. I've also been invited to lots of Swingers Parties but as of yet I haven't been able to go :( I really want to but work always gets in the way, maybe within the next month I will attend one.
Milfs And Swingers At World Wide Wives
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I have just created my Swingers personal ad on this site and wow you have got some fantastic milfs posted here. I've not long been in the swinging scene but I'm already in love with it, there is just so much fun to be had. I've submitted my first set of swinger pictures so I hope they go live soon as I want to see what everybody thinks.
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UK Swinger Sucking Cock
I think most of you will already know me but as you can see I'm the sites best cock sucking swinger hehe. I try my best every day to suck hubby's cock if he lets me, he tends to get a bit sore from all the sucking and biting. I thought you guys liked a bit of pain. If you would like your swinger cock sucked them come chat to me in the chatroom.
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After having long talks with my partner we have decided to go and try one of this swinger parties you all keep talking about and inviting us too. I think in the first one we will mostly watch but I suppose that depends on how horny we both get, it's more than likely that I will get all wet and just have to have some swinger cock in my pussy.
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Cum Hungry Swingers
This picture set was taken during a party me and my husband attended last month. We were invited by a couple who have a swinger ad on this site. We would like to thank them again for showing us such a great time. This is my favorite picture from the set as I love the feeling of having cum dripping from my pussy mmmm.
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