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UK Swingers Party - Swinging
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UK Swingers Beach Parties
We only sent out a few invites for this Swingers beach party but we still had a fantastic time. We found a good quite part of the beach and the party then started. I think everyone got naked within seconds and people where sucking cock and licking pussy within minutes lol. If we have another party like this we will invite many more Swingers.
Milfs And Swingers At World Wide Wives
Partying Hard Swingers
This photo was taken just as the party was getting started but I promise to post the whole set within the next week or so. The party went very well and all the Swingers that attended had an awesome time. It went on nearly all night and some of us didn't even get any sleep so the drive back was hard.
Milf And Swinger World Wide Wives
Partying Swingers UK
Thank you for all the great emails about my last Swingers movie posting, everytime I watch a movie that was filmed at one of my parties it drives me crazy and I just have to play with my already soaking wet pussy. You can see all my party movies but viewing my Swinger Personal ad.
Milf And Swinger World Wide Wives
Up And Coming Swingers Party
We have started to compile a list of party events that are up and coming, there are loads of them. The next party is in London and we will both be attending that one.
Milf And Swingers World Wide Wives